RUBIK'S Electronic Touchcube

RUBIK'S Electronic Touchcube

  • 19500

It's the world's first completely electronic, solvable Rubik's Cube! Each vibrantly lit square contains cutting-edge, easy to use touch sensor technology! Swipe your finger across the squares to effortlessly slide the lights, mimicking every move of the original puzzle.

The cube has built-in rechargeable batteries, and comes with a convenient recharging stand. The colours pulsate, fade and change while the TOUCHCUBE recharges itself!

The TOUCHCUBE always knows the exact number of moves needed to solve the puzzle at any given time, which means the TOUCHCUBE can teach you to solve it with hints when you get stuck, or even solve it step by step right before your eyes!

You can undo your last move, and it has adjustable sound effects, including one that mimics a manual cube's twists & turns!


Genuine licensed Rubik’s product.

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